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Our neurosurgery practice consists of focused specializations and superior results in New Jersey and New York City. Our neurosurgeons are passionate, dedicated and always put their patients’ best health interests first.


With access to the latest surgical techniques and technology and 24 surgeons across the state, we’ll always have a specialist that can walk you through the best steps to getting your life back.


From brain tumors and pediatrics to facial pain and more, our decades of experience with these conditions means you’ll always be in good hands.

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Richard is pain free.

Richard suffered from numbness and sharp pains in his right arm. Three cortisone shots later, Richard was still in pain. Dr. Kaiser suggested physical therapy first before diving into to any surgeries. Surgery would only be performed if therapy wasn’t successful in alleviating his pain.

As it turns out, Richard did undergo back surgery. He couldn’t be happier to have his life back to the way it was – pain free. Listen to Richard’s story and hear about his experience with Dr. Kaiser and the team at Neurosurgeons of New Jersey.

We’re proud of our roots.

The first medical students came from Cornell University, soon followed by students from Columbia University in 1921. In 1925, the Neurological Institute and Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center decided to join forces. The site of the new Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, with the associated Neurological Institute, was between Broadway and Riverside Drive, from 165th to 168th Street, the location of a former ballpark for the New York Yankees.